Quantropy Books

I read quite a few books, and on this site I give my opinion about what I read, as well as commenting on books that look interesting, and on books which turned out not to be so interesting after all.

Free Samples of Books

If you go into a bookshop you can look at a book before you buy it. You may think that this is not possible when buying over the internet, but in fact, as you will see below, there are plenty of opportunities to sample books, and I use these extensively to get my first impression of a book and to decide whether the rest of the book is worth reading. If these samples and previews are available then I try to link to them from the Quantropy books page for the book.

Look inside (Amazon.com)

This enables you to preview the book in your browser. The amount shown varies, sometimes it's just a sample from the beginning, sometimes it's a substantial amount with just the odd page missed out

Google preview

This is similar to Amazon look inside, and again the amount shown varies, although sometimes parts are available here which are not available on Amazon look inside and vice versa.

Amazon Kindle

Many books which are available for the Amazon Kindle have a free sample, which can be downloaded and read in the same way as normal Kindle books. This can be read in many ways, you don't need to have a Kindle.
  • Kindle
    You might consider getting a Kindle to read samples of books at odd moments even if you don't intend to use it to read longer works.
  • Kindle reader
    This is available for most computers and smartphones
  • Kindle cloud reader
    This allows you to read online
  • Amazon Look-inside
    Generally the Kindle sample is available on the look-inside page
  • Sometimes less is available in the Kindle sample than in the other previews, but this can have the advantage that you have a well defined portion to read.

My websites

  • Quantropy books (this site)

  • Quantropy.org

    This is a repository to which anyone can submit an academic paper. It didn't really catch on, and I'm reluctant to push it too hard, since that might result in me getting lots of crackpot papers to deal with, but you're welcome to submit a paper if you wish.
  • Opharmia.org

    On this site looks at ideas related to biotechnology and in particular bioinformatics, in a way that will make these subjects accessible to those with no prior knowledge of them
  • Opharmia Blog (coming soon)

  • I intend this to be predominantly concerned with subject area of opharmia.org, but it will have my ideas on other things (mathematics, physics, computing, economics ...) as well.
  • Tachyos.org

    This site explores the use of web based computer programs in discussing scientific and mathematical concepts. My future explorations in this area are likely to be biotechnology related and so will appear on the opharmia.org site.
  • Chronon.org

    This is a site of blog like articles and book reviews. In future I'll probably put such thoguhts into the Opharmia blog and I will move the reviews to the Quantropy books site