Royal Society Winton Prize contenders


  • Stuff Matters

Rest of shortlist

  • Serving The Reich
  • Seven Elements that changed the world
  • The Perfect Theory
  • The Cancer Chronicles
  • Gulp

Rest of longlist

  • Tesla
  • What a wonderful world
  • Dice World
  • The Compatibility Gene
  • Paleofantasy
  • My Brief History

My opinion

It's hard to pick out which book is the best when you're not comparing like with like, so I've got two categories for the books I consider best, with two books in each.

Books which are easy to read

  • 1: Paleofantasy Readable with plenty of interesting information
  • 2:The Cancer Chronicles Well worth reading, but goes too quickly over some of the science for my liking

Longer books requiring more thought

The remaining 8 books