After the storm

Vince Cable

Why I looked at this book

In Robert Skidelsky's Five Years of Economic Crisis there are letters by the Skidelsky and Cable, arguing about how best to deal with the crisis. The thing is that I felt that Cable got the better of the argument. Vince Cable was in a strange position, linked to the coalition government's austerity measures, but it seems not a fan of austerity for it's own sake. So I thought that reading this book might enlighten me on some of the problems on dealing with the economic crisis, and what might be the best way forward.

First impressions

I hadn't quite noticed that After the Storm is of course a sequel to The Storm. Sometimes I prefer to start with the first book in a collection, but in this case I think I prefer to read the later book to give a look at possible ways forward, rather than the details of the crisis. What I've read so far seems to be mostly about political wheeler-dealing, although it does have some insightful thoughts on the current problems in Europe. I am hoping though that there'll be more on the economic analysis later in the book.
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