Universal man: the seven lives of John Maynard Keynes

Richard Davenport-Hines

Why I looked at this book

Keynes is primarily known for Keynsian economics - the argument that a state can combat a recession by economic stimulus. However, he was very much a polymath, with little formal training in economics. I'm interested in economics, and in the development of the academic establishment, so when I heard about this book via the BBC History podcast I decided that it was a 'must-read'

First impressions

There sample at Amazon is a good length including the whole of the first chapter 'Altruist'. Keynes altruism wasn't the self-sacrificing sort, but he did want to use his skills to help as many people as possible. But what is really highlighted is his brilliance - to quote: Keynes was the chief intellectual influence on English public life in the 20th century. I've found it very readable and am eager to read more.
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