Don't even think about it

George Marshall

Why I looked at this book

A decade or so ago it seemed that the issue of global warming was becoming seen as the most important problem faced by humanity. Since that time there have been lots of meetings and resolutions concerning what should be done, but actual implementation seems to lag far behind. Instead of becoming more and more urgent, it seems that global warming has been overshadowed by other issues. Why should this be? I'm hoping that this book will provide some clues.

First impressions

The book starts with 9 rather incredible anomalies in the way people see climate change compared with other issues. Note though that when I use the word incredible I mean it - that I have my doubts about the claims and will want more evidence to back them up. For instance Marshall asks why are science fiction fans so unwilling to imagine what the future might be like? In the view of the claims of the book Nerd Ecology this seems doubtful. But then the next chapter looks at how victims of disasters - which may well be related to climate change - really want to see them as a one-off event. That seems more believable. It promises to be an interesting read.
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