How to Live Forever or Die Trying

Bryan Appleyard

Main review

Death is something which has been thought of as a prime example of inevitability. But now it begins to look as if death may not be as certain as it seems. How to Live Forever or Die Trying: On the New Immortality takes a look at the people and research which is leading to this change. Bryan Appleyard has visited several of the organisations dedicated to the quest to conquer death. There are quite a few such organisations, including some which will freeze your body on the basis that you can be revived when we have found out how to banish death. Appleyard has also interviewed many people, both those who are involved in this quest, and those who oppose it.

The book isn't just about those striving to live for ever, Appleyard also looks at other issues related to immortality. What do religions have to say about this new quest? And isn't immortality just what religions have been promising us all along? Appleyard also discusses our changing attitude to death, and the fads which we take up in an attempt to stay youthful. It's a wide ranging book, if not particularly deep, and it does pose the important question: The issues of life extension are going to become important in the next few decades - what's your response going to be?
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