Stuff Matters

Harry Bingham

Why I looked at this book

I was browsing in the library and saw a book with the title Stuff Matters. 'I've already read that' I thought. But something didn't seem quite right. By the time I'd realised this wasn't the book I'd already read, I was intrigued by what it had to say and its relation to my ideas about economics. In particular I'm interested to see whether it deals with the financialisation of our lives.

First impressions

There's no sample of this book on Amazon, but there is on Google books. It poses what I see as an important question: Why is the financial world so far removed from the stuff of everyday life? The financial world should be there to help us to get the important stuff we want, but the connection hardly seems to exist. I'm hoping that the rest of the book might provide some answers to this question.
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