Slaying the Dragons

Allan Chapman

Why I looked at this book

One hears a lot about science vs religion. Creationists are trying to argue that the earth was created a few thousand years ago. 'New' atheists claiming all religion is harmful. The trouble is that none of their arguments seem to be very persuasive - they're never going to get anyone to change their mind. It's more a case of 'preaching to the converted'. One thing I've realised, though, is that a lot of the science vs religion debate is based on myth. I've been to quite a few talks by Allan Chapman, and they are always illuminating and entertaining, so I hope that this book will help to show that the science vs religion polarization is based on a fiction.

I do have one worry though. Looking at some of the blurb for this book suggests that it might be a bit of rant against new atheists. If so then I would see it as part of the problem of science vs religion polarization rather than part of the solution.

First impressions

It's hard to tell which way this book is going to go. In the sample there is plenty of reasoned explanation of how Chapman finds science vs religion myths wherever he goes, and as a historian wants to take the opportunity to put the record straight.
There is also quite a bit of less reasoned material. For example Chapman wants to know why 'new' atheists seem to pick on Christianity. I would have thought the answer to this is obvious, Christianity is the dominant religion in the countries where they live, and gives them most trouble, e.g. campaigning to put silly stickers promoting religion on science textbooks.
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