Molecular Modeling and Simulation

Tamar Schlick.

Why I looked at this book

This book is an introduction to the subject of modelling biological molecules, and looks to be well written, without getting bogged down in technicalities, but still manag I'm particularly interested in approximation of biomolecules by multipole distributions, which seems to be well covered by this book. It also seems a well laid out introduction to the subject of modeling biological molecules.

First impressions

I felt the Kindle sample wasn't really enough to judge this book. In fact I found that this book highlighted some of the problems of trying to read online samples of books. The Google preview sometimes let me see much of the book, sometimes hardly any. The formatting of the Kindle sample had problems in places. Fortunately there is a Sample chapter available. This shows that this is likely to be the sort of book I am looking for, fast moving, but not too abstract, and with plenty of diagrams. I couldn't tell at this stage how mathematical the main part of the book is likely to be though.
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