Basic Income: A Guide for the Open-Minded

Guy Standing

Why I looked at this book

It's a long story.

Some time ago I heard about The corruption of capitalism:Why rentiers thrive and work does not pay. Using the word 'rentiers' in a disparaging way rang alarm bells for me. My reading of Capital in the twenty-first century suggests rentiers can be thought of as good guys. And most people who live of income from investments are pensioners. But I did wonder what Standing had to say, and thought I might read his book if I could find it in the library. That proved to be difficult though, so I considered reading some of Standing's other works.

I've also read Utopia for Realists by 'Mr Basic Income' that is Rutger Bregman. I expected this book to put forward a path to a basic income society. But it didn't. So I decided I needed to find another book on this topic.

Then there was Human evolution: A Pelican Introduction by Robin Dunbar. I thought this was well worth reading. What I wasn't so sure about was whether it really qualified as an introduction to the topic. So I took a look at the other works in the Pelican Introduction series, and it did seem that they were more about someone putting forward their idea. That is how I came across Basic income : and how we can make it happen : a Pelican introduction. That seems to be the same book as this one (but this edition is easier to preview online)
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