Sustainability: A History

Jeremy L. Caradonna

Why I looked at this book

Sustainability is recognised by many people as something to aim for, but others may disagree. Who is right - is sustainability vital for our future survival, or can we go along with business as usual,and solve any problems along the way. Or is sustainability more of a solution to the 'rat race' where we get every richer, but don't seem any happier for it. I'm hoping that by putting the idea of sustainability into a historical context this book will help to answer some of these questions

First impressions

The book starts off very much with the 'sustainability or collapse' viewpoint. When looking at what the word 'sustainability' means it mentions government pronouncements with dire warnings of the need for change. Thus I wonder how well the book will explore the idea of sustainability as worthwhile in it's own right. But it's early days yet, and the book looks interesting enough, so I'll definitely continue with it.
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