Mind Over Money

Claudia Hammond

Why I looked at this book

Economics says that money should just be a medium of exchange, that shouldn't have a special place in our lives. But experience shows that although supposedly time is money, we tend to value money more that the equivalent amount of time. I'm hoping that this book will give some reasons why this should be so.

First impressions

In the introduction Hammond describes how the members of the band KLF burned £1 million worth of £50 notes. Somehow this stunt seems much worse than wasting £1 million worth of goods (despite the idea that money is supposedly only symbolic). The book goes on to show how from an early age we think of money as something different from other things of value.

The book has plenty of references, and seems to be one of those dangerous books which adds lots of books to your reading list. Even after the sample there are several books I feel that must investigate. It certainly promises to be a stimulating read.
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