How to Get Rich

Felix Dennis

Why I looked at this book

'If you cannot bear the thought of causing worry to your family … you will never get rich'.
That was the quote which led me to this book. I have to say it doesn't seem worth it to me, but clearly some people think it is. So I'm not reading this book because I particularly want to get particularly rich, but because I hope that it will explain why so many people do.

First impressions

So why should you want to get rich? It allowed Dennis to stay on an exclusive island, where he had time to do what he wanted. But, as I see it, this is a very poor reason. Here's a book that supposedly tells anyone how they can get rich, but they can't all live on an exclusive island - it would no longer be exclusive. And we all have the same amount of hours per day. The argument seems to be that you should struggle to make money so that you don't have to struggle to make money - it's a mad world! But Dennis wrote that money doesn't bring happiness, so maybe he knew that anyway. The book is compellingly written, so I shall certainly continue reading it.
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