Unweaving the rainbow

Why I looked at this book

I had a feeling I read this book several decades ago, but it was published in 1998, so I probably didn't. I think I'd remember it more if I'd read it since then. I've certainly browsed it now and again. I know it demonstrates the wonder and excitement of scientific discovery, but I'm not sure how much it actually deals with the background of it's title - how much does it looks at rainbows or 19th century poets. So I thought I needed to make sure I read it.

First impressions

The book certainly looks at the nature of poetry with the first chapter explaining that a task of good poetry is the same as a task of good science, that is to get beyond the familiarity of our everyday lives. Hence I'm hopeful that it will be an interesting read. I'm a bit worried that it's too much based on what would suit a public lecture - too 'packaged' - but I'll have to see how that pans out.
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